Hemp Can Save the World. Really!

Hello, Human Family ~

First, I’d like to say that if you’re thinking, Oh not another message from this Hempress – Toni person about The Hemp Network!, please just send me back a note saying you’re not interested and I will promptly (yet reluctantly!) remove your email address from receiving future updates. You’ll hear about this ground-breaking company again through media or someone you personally know and trust, then kick yourself for not hitting the ground running when you first heard of it! But, from what I understand, you’ll be able to enroll for FREE indefinitely! Just please remember that it was me who initially invited you to take part in this 21st century, 1st of its kind, make cash even when you’re not working, 7-layer deep compensation structured Hemp Network Marketing Venture!  Um yep, that’d be me, Toni Starr, aka Hempress #541.592.5096… go ahead and write that down before you go ;-).

Now then, for those who are interested but have yet to actually enroll… I must ask, why (or for what?) are you waiting? There is NO COST to enroll, and NO COMMITMENT to cold-call or hard sell. What enrollment does is lock in your position within the overall company compensation structure.

Perhaps you’re still affected by the totally scripted social stigma surrounding Hemp and think it’s an evil plant because it’s “illegal”, or because you’ve heard that Hemp is another name for Marijuana that stuff that gets you ‘high’ (makes you feel good? Oh no!), and leads straight to “hard drugs”.  My parents were indoctrinated with these false beliefs taught from their 1930s childhoods, and they tried to indoctrinate me. Obviously it didn’t stick.

Let’s do a quick review:

Cannabis hemp was legal tender (money) in most of the Americas from 1631 until the early 1800s. Why? To encourage American farmers to grow more.1

You could pay your taxes with cannabis hemp throughout America for over 200 years.2

You could even be jailed in America for not growing cannabis during several periods of shortage, e.g., in Virginia between 1763 and 1767. (Herndon, G.M., Hemp in Colonial Virginia, 1963; The Chesapeake Colonies, 1954; L.A.Times, August 12, 1981; et al.)

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew cannabis on their plantations. Jefferson,3 while envoy to France, went to great expense – and even considerable risk to himself and his secret agents – to procure particularly good hempseeds smuggled illegally into Turkey from China. The Chinese Mandarins (political rulers) so valued their hempseed that they made its exportation a capital offense.

The United States Census of 1850 counted 8,327 hemp “plantations”* (minimum 2,000-acre farm) growing cannabis hemp for cloth, canvas and even the cordage used for baling cotton.  (Jack Herer, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, 1985).

So why was Hemp made illegal in 1937? Definitely NOT for the reasons which we’ve been sold…

You GO, California Guurl! Yes indeed, Marijuana and Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) are the same plant; however, the variation in uses is seen in the qualities not only of the sexes, but also in various strains, species & hybrids. With the Cannabis sativa L. Hemp plant, it is the female which bears flowers and strong and still 100% safe and highly effective medicinal properties from the THC contained throughout the flower buds. The male plant does not produce THC flowers or buds, but it sure does provide a host of other extremely useful, necessary and beneficial things! And just what is so, so horrible about nature’s production of THC (TetraHydroCanna-binol)? As compared to pharmaceutical drugs — NOTHING! In fact, THC has been studied and shown to shrink cancerous tumors and cure or control all kinds of ailments, the majority of which are CAUSED by noxious industry waste, air/water/soil pollution, prescription drug interactions and side effects, in addition to a notable food supply embedded with an array of known poisons.

I’m sure most of you are aware on some level that there is no profit in the cure for these dominating industries. Corporate monopoly moguls are not going to stop making their toxic products and franken foods as long as we continue to buy them. We need REAL choices! The “health” industry pushes these soft-kill/slow death products, making handfuls of corporate pirates extremely wealthy and politically powerful. As the effects of their poisons take their toll on the human body, mind and spirit, BIG “whatever” rolls in revenue and big personal bonuses for themselves. What does it do to one’s humanity when eyes are turned away from the millions who suffer and die for the lies of a few greedy people who think that they’re innately better than you?

The point is that Hemp (male or female) has never EVER harmed, maimed or killed one single person in all of human history! The medical and pharmaceutical, et al. industries certainly cannot boast this FACT about themselves.Perhaps you’re unaware that there is a HUGE demand for Hemp products, e.g., for organic, nutritious, environmentally safe, pure-n-simply NON-TOXIC products. The Hemp Network’s CEO, Bruce Perlowin, has said that “the growth of demand for Hemp products has risen 100% per annum since 1990”. The Hemp Network is very excited and determined to return “Hemp-made in America” products to the World!

The Hemp Network has been described as a ‘Goodwill company’, meaning that everyone in this company is helped to succeed by everyone else in the company, and in return they help everyone else in the company just by signing up for FREE and becoming a Passive part of it all. It’s the old adage that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him to fish, he’s fed for a lifetime. Not only will The Hemp Network teach you to fish, it will also allow you to teach others while you’re feeding them!

It’s the 1st Hemp “network marketing” company and you are in a prime position to prosper from this entrepreneurial adventure — you are in fact ON the Internet anyway! As I threw out at the beginning of this newsletter, our (publicly traded) company has a 7-layer deep compensation structure. This promotes overall revenue sharing as soon as you’re positioned within the global power line. All you have to do is enroll for FREE, then go at your own pace (with all the assistance you need). Then take all the time you need to read up on the many wonderful uses of this truly miraculous weed.

What if you had a choice of vehicles that operated on hemp ethanol? What if you didn’t need a heating or cooling system in your home because the hemp insulation you installed kept it at a constant temperature year round? What if houses were constructed with Hemp instead of unsustainable, timber clear-cutting? What if you didn’t get sick as often and didn’t need those prescriptions or those specialist physicians anymore? What if you could noticeably see and smell the difference in your air quality after all those Hemp crops were planted? What if the Earth’s air, soil, water and all-encompassing atmosphere could be cleaned by utilizing 100% bio-friendly/degradable Hemp products for EVERYTHING (except metal & glass)  WHAT IF???!!! 😀

Oh yeah, the Hemp plant doesn’t require any pesticides, grows rapidly (100 days), and it replenishes soil nutrients — isn’t that AMAZING?!

And God said, “See, I have given you every herb bearing seed that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food.  —Genesis 1:29, King James Version, (1985)

Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.  –Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)

I’m determined to improve this world while I’m here. I’m a part of the DNA of Earth. She’s my family, as are you, whether we’re directly related or not. I have children–yes, but ALL OF HUMANITY is my family, and my friend.  I want a better world and I KNOW THAT HEMP IS A READY SOLUTION to many of our global geosociopolitical and personal ills. It would be a sin not to follow my passion and not to see the forest of Hemp for the trees! There’s been so much clear-cutting (& land-grabbing) that it’s really expanded my view. Timber, virgin forests, the Redwoods, all trees provide habitats and versatile ecosystems which must not be destroyed! But I digress…

Once you’ve filled out the enrollment form (big, rectangular, gold button), you are a Passive member of The Hemp Network. It only takes purchasing your own unique URL extension (attached to The Hemp Network website – $9/mo.), or to try out one (or two or all three) of the products in the launch line ($30/ea.) to become an Active Independent Hemp Consultant. Once Active, your potential to create streams of cash becomes unlimited. Our country and indeed our world is crying out for REAL choices to make SIGNIFICANT improvements in our Human condition. Will you be a part of bringing about Positive change in our World by BEING the Change you want to see?

We all know that the World will continue after we’re gone. Humanity will either evolve or continue to devolve and destroy itself with the help of the 1% at the top of the current global sociopolitical economic class structure. Will we strive for advancement or deterioration? Will we say NO to toxic products and foods? Are we interested in helping others, or just ourselves? Do we care about what happens when we’re not around tomorrow to see the consequences of our choices today? Do we care about what IS happening NOW? I know that I do, and I believe that you do, too.

So, with that said, those of you who have enrolled in The Hemp Network as a free member, please read this carefully so you won’t miss out on any commissions:

There are two parts to our compensation plan; the Global Power Line Compensation Plan for Passive Members with commissions paid weekly and the Unilevel Plan for Active Members with commissions paid monthly.  Active Members participate in both! The fact you joined early puts you in a very good position to profit from both parts of the compensation plan.

It’s not important to understand everything about how each of them work when you first get started.  What’s important to know is how you qualify to get paid so you don’t leave any commissions on the table during our launch.

Everyone starts out as a Passive Member and is placed in the Global Power Line part of the compensation plan.  If they make a purchase of any kind they become an “Active Member” and begin earning additional commission in the unilevel.

You have been given priority placement in the Global Power Line and have already been placed as a Passive Member.  The Global Power Line is designed to help new people get into profit quickly by having the entire company working on just one leg.

Everyone that joined The Hemp Network after you has been placed under you in the Global Power Line whether you referred them or not.  Many “Independent Hemp Consultants” already have dozens and even hundreds of new, excited “IHC’s” under them and we’re still in pre-launch.  Just think what’s going to happen over the next 30 days!

The time to take an opportunity is when it’s presented… NOW is that time!

For those who have any related questions, please send an email to hemphempress@gmail.com, or call me directly @ 541.592.5095 to discuss. ***REMEMBER TO USE REFERRER #541.592.5096.

Those who do want to continue to receive informative updates from The Hemp Network Hempress Seed–well I’ll keep ’em comin’ ;-), but not so often (or as long as this one!) that they become a nuisance.

The M-T-W and Saturday conference call schedules are below, as well as the 24/7 number to listen to the last recorded call. I encourage you to take part by just listening in if you can. I realize that not everyone has unlimited long distance, so I will provide a brief overview of those calls that I’ve participated in myself to keep you up-to-date. In fact, those of you who don’t have unlimited LD, please let me know.

Yesterday’s “Getting Started” call informed us that...

  • About 3,500 people have enrolled so far;
  • People who’ve enrolled but not become active will have a numerical extension on their website vs. a personalized URL extension, such as mine (Hempress);
  • Our website features are scheduled to be fully functional by the end of the week;
  • You should be sure to attend Monday’s “Product Overview “call with division head, Dianna Kaplan, who will be discussing the science behind the Hemp powder-Medicinal Mushroom blends in our initial product line launch;
  • The Hemp Network is going to branch out far and wide; we are going to push locally, regionally, nationally and globally for EVERYTHING (‘cept glass & metal) to be made with 100% safe, natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, oxygen-beneficial Hemp, and our vision is to add more and more products to every division of the company.
  • WEEKDAY CONFERENCE CALLS Monday through Wednesday @ 6 PM PST/9 PM EST — Dial: (323) 843-0075 / Access Code: 339284#
  • Saturday @ 10 AM PST/1 PM EST — same phone/access code.
  • 24/7 to listen to last recorded call – (951) 262-3496

The calls are normally kept to no more than 1 hr., and it’s best to call in a couple minutes before start time.

Thank you for your interest in and time given to learning about the totally cool Hemp plant and but a smidgen of its uses.



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2 Responses to Hemp Can Save the World. Really!

  1. Larry says:

    Sorry, I do see many benefits of the hemp pant, but in no way will ever support the smoking of it. You quote scripture, but only to provide support for something you want to sell. Sad, I agree with it’s ability for many good things. But I also see the problem it creates with our youth in smoking it for other reasons.

    It may not directly kill someone, but it’s use and driving, working with hazardous equipment and many other problems are due to its use. Unfortnately right now these are its primary usage right now.

    When it is legal to build with the product, I will be more interested.

  2. Leo Goodman says:

    Very cool Thank You!!! Count me In!!



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