Super Perfundo Hemp Network Update

Hello, Smiling Hempsters!

Monday night’s Update and Product Information call was very informative! Dianna Kaplan, Director of Product Development was on the call, along with Robert Richardson, immunologist and analytical chemist, and Dr. Reg McDaniel. Together they have created Nature’s Ancient Wisdom hemp protein-medicinal mushroom product line. Read more about them here.

Other notables…

1) Monday night conference calls 8 PM PST / 11 PM EST Dial 323.843.0075 – Code 339284#

2) Back Office website details are good, but the Company is not releasing an ETA. Given the MASSIVE and highly customized software we will be using, there is a lot of work involved in getting it all working perfectly. My sources tell me to expect full functionality next week, but “you didn’t hear that from me’ 😉

Remember: Enrolling for FREE gives you a duplicating website for FREE from The Hemp Network! If ONE person buys ONE product from your free site, you’ve made money! The $9/MO. sites are LOADED with features for which you would normally have to pay extra. In this win-win, full support company, we will ALL succeed.

3) PDFs of the Compensation Plan (how we get paid) will be coming soon.

4) THIS Saturday – Training Calls – The normal 10am call will cover the Compensation Plan. BE ON THIS CALL! The Compensation Plan, simple once you know it, is the single most complex part to understand about this business. You need to be able to explain it to others accurately and this call will help you do just that.

I don’t have any information from Tuesday night’s call due to our Internet and phone lines being down.

Wednesday’s Call discussed steps to take to build your Hemp Network business. The call was recorded and is available to listen to at your convenience (until Saturday’s call) at 951.262.3496.

And this just in…

1) Our Back Office is LIVE!! WOO-HOOO!!! We have ALL been waiting for this! We’ve got some exciting tools available to both Passive and Active Members, so be sure to check out this video for the update: http://www​.screencas​​Y4MTBjOTI

2) Be a Product of Your Products — The most powerful tool at your disposal is personal testimony. It’s time to write your story, so you can show others! Drop in to the Store in your Back Office and pick up some Nature’s Ancient Wisdom.

3) There has been some confusion around Conference Calls. For those of you who are making a business out of The Hemp Network, be sure to get on these calls. It is the most reliable and up-to-date information about YOUR business!! Here is the updated Call Schedule:


Mondays 8 PM PST / 11 PM EST
Tuesdays 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST
Wednesdays 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST
Saturdays 10 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST

Dial: (323) 843-0075
Access code: 339284#
24/7 Recording 951.262.3496

Monday Topic: Product Overview

Learn about Natures Ancient Wisdom and why we expect such high demand. Meet the head of product development and the professionals immersed in the development of these products.

Tuesday Topic: Business Overview

Learn about how to profit as an Independent Hemp Consultant.

Wednesday Topic: Leadership Call

Meet a successful Hemp Network Consultant and learn exactly how they created their success.

Saturday Topic: Getting Started

This is your new member orientation call. Wondering what to do next? This is the call for you! Open agenda. Feel free to ask questions.

4) As always, if you have questions or issues, please contact me so we can get your question answered or issue resolved.

The excitement level is HIGH on our Team, and The Hemp Network as a whole! Thank you for being someone who is working to manifest positive change in our world!


Those of us who are, or have been, committed to a cause (or many) understand how much more powerful our message becomes when there is enough money to get that message in front of people. The Hemp Network is equal parts Truth Movement, Political Activism and Business Opportunity, and we have the good fortune to be in the perfect position to become Abundant Activists, with the income to lift our cause(s) to new heights. We invite all who are interested in becoming Abundant Activists to grow our Team, provide others with powerful, yet basic, nutritional and personal care products and spread the word about HEMP!

As a collective force, we have the potential to push change in arcane domestic policies surrounding hemp as a viable, healthy, renewable, organic industry that, as it happens, can also SAVE THE PLANET! We are literally getting paid to help save our Mother Earth and how perfect is that?!!!

Our Team is growing at an average of 100 new members every day. I have been in “the back office” of my Hempress site and seen the numbers. I cannot stress enough how important it is to just ENROLL FOR FREE to secure your position in the Global Power Line! I am enthusiastic about our impact and excited about the prospect of watching each of you achieve your goals and dreams. We are all here to help each other!

You are in the driver’s seat . . . where would you like to go today?

Namaste ~

Hempress – Ref. #541.592.5096

The Hemp Network Official Website
The Hemp Network Hempress on Blogger
The Hempress on Facebook

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