How to Be Successful with The Hemp Network

People who enroll with The Hemp Network are very passionate about Hemp products and about making money in the process, but the idea of network marketing is completely new for many.

So how do you go from knowing nothing about network marketing to successfully sharing Hemp Products with the World?  It’s a lot easier than you think… and it’s fun!

Before we dig in, let’s dispel a myth about network marketing. Network marketing is not the same thing as a pyramid scheme. In a pyramid scheme, you make your money not off of the sale of the products, but off of signing up others into the business. There is no product to sell; instead, you are trying to convince others to join the business and to pay a membership or entry fee. It’s these fees that people involved with pyramid schemes make their money from, with no products actually ever sold. It’s for this reason that pyramid (ponzi) schemes are illegal.

The Hemp Network, on the other hand, is free to join. The only instance where money is exchanged is when Hemp Products are purchased.

This video does a great job explaining network marketing for those who are new to the concept, or who don’t understand the difference between network marketing and pyramid schemes.


…So how will you grow your MLM Hemp Network business?

Social Networking

The most important thing to understand about social network marketing is that your goal should be to offer valuable and related information, and to avoid spamming pages with advertisements. Social networking is about building lasting relationships with people.

Think about it… when you’ve eaten at a great restaurant, you don’t go home and plaster it on every website and group you can find! What you do is tell people who you think might be interested in eating the food.

Relationship building is the secret to social networking. When I come across an interesting video or article about Hemp, I share it with others. In fact, what you are reading right now is a perfect example of providing relevant and helpful information to people! Most of us already know how to do this because we do it with our passions and hobbies all the time. Let’s say you’re a sports enthusiast and belong to some sports groups online. You share interesting articles or videos with your groups–right? Of course! It’s not “spam” because you know that it’s something that your sports groups will be interested in seeing. Chances are that they’ll likely thank you for posting it. As you use social networking techniques for your Hemp business in the same way, you’re going to get positive results!

Sharing Your Hemp Network Business

Practically everyone, including businesses, has a Facebook, Twitter or MySpace account these days and this is by far the best way to grow your business. Keeping in mind, of course, that your goal is to provide valuable content, not just links to your site all over the Internet.
  • Get active in online Hemp communities and tell your friends.  Chances are that if you are interested in Hemp, some of your personal and online friends are as well.  There is a lot of crossover in interest when it comes to Hemp — don’t assume that people aren’t interested!

  • Post about Hemp in your groups.  There are many groups that are interested in Hemp, even if Hemp isn’t their main focus.  There are political groups, community groups, health groups, lifestyle groups and environmental groups that are all very interested in Hemp and its uses.  There are shared interests almost everywhere you look, and the benefits of Hemp make the crossover easy!

  • Search out people on Facebook, Twitter or MySpace who are interested in Hemp and Hemp products. They probably haven’t heard about The Hemp Network yet, and you’ll be providing them with a Hemp resource for which they will undoubtedly be most grateful!

  • Look for Hemp-related groups or fan pages, become a member and share things that are of value to that group.  This is also a good way to find individuals who have an interest in Hemp.  You can then build individual relationships with some of these people.

Catch the wave of business in the 21st Century…


The ultimate key to success with The Hemp Network is authenticity. Obviously if you’ve joined The Hemp Network, it is because it sparked passion and you felt excitement. Share your story! Tell people why you’re passionate about Hemp and why The Hemp Network is a fantastic opportunity to help yourself, your community, and our planet.

…most importantly, have FUN doing it!

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